Famous Duck Rice / Porridge - Whampoa Hawker Centre

Whampoa Market has one of the best braised duck stalls in Singapore. With its sister Roasted duck stall on its right and the famous Hoover rojak on its left, the stall is easy to recognize but can be hard to catch. Business is so good it's usually sold out and closed by 6.00pm.

Ducks arranged neatly.

A set of braised duck meat meal (including stewed eggs and spare parts) for 2, with richly flavoured gravy generously poured over. It's a Happy Duck Meal!


Priced reasonably at $10 excluding the bowls of porridge.

Address: 梁照记 Liang Zhao Ji Duck Rice / Porridge (Blk 90 Whampoa Drive #01-70)

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